Condo Management

Comprehensive Condo Association Management

No two communities are the same, especially when it comes to condominium associations. We believe that problems arise when management companies try to create a one-size-fits-all management solution. Our management approach is adaptive, placing the goals and objectives for your condo association first. We focus on enhancing the living experience for your residents by ensuring efficient operation and management in all aspects of the association’s governance and maintenance.

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We facilitate meetings, enforce community rules and regulations, and ensure legal compliance with state laws and association bylaws, to foster a harmonious living environment for all.
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We oversee vendor relationships to optimize all aspects of property maintenance and repairs, including common areas and amenities, to preserve property values and extend the life of your property assets.
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We bring in expert accountants to ensure that your budget is accurate, dues are collected on time, and comprehensive financial reports are provided to maintain your association's fiscal health.
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Dedicated professionals overseeing all aspects of property upkeep.

Governance Services

No one loves those marathon meetings that seem to stretch on forever, right? We're here to change that. Our approach is all about making your meetings not just quicker, so you can say goodbye to those 3-hour marathons, but also more productive. Efficiency isn't just about being prepared and getting through the agenda faster; it's about making sure those same old issues don’t keep cropping up month after month. Let Foster Premier help you turn those meetings into something everyone looks forward to—for the right reasons.

We are armed with the knowledge and understanding of condominium management complexities, so we can provide advice and solutions that best aligns with your needs.

Property Oversight

Stressing over budgets and dues is a thing of the past. Our network of expert accountants work tirelessly, employing best practices to ensure your budget is precise, and dues are collected efficiently. This setup not only ensures financial accuracy but also adds an invaluable layer of checks and balances, promoting financial transparency and stress-free finances.

Dedicated professionals handling all aspects of condo management.


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Timely and comprehensive financial statements tailored to your needs.

Financial Services

Resident & Board Member Support

Illinois HOA Communications


Stay connected with automated updates and direct access to live support for all inquiries.

Foster Premier Community Association Management


Comprehensive administrative care from document handling to meeting preparations, all streamlined for efficiency.

Foster Premier Community Association Management

Resident Portal

Engage with your community anytime through our all-in-one, cloud-based management system, enhancing resident interaction and access.

Foster Premier Community Association Management

Online Board
Invoice Approval

Board Treasurers and Presidents can easily approve invoice payments online through our user-friendly Board portal.